About our Ingredients

CBD Herbal Synergy is based upon decades of experience and research, and all products are made with top quality ingredients.




CBD: Ours is ecologically grown on a previously organic broccoli farm in Colorado. The flowers are harvested and extracted using a CO2 process. Please see the Lab Reports section for full disclosures on the quality and this beautiful mixed cannabinoid-high CBD CO2 extract.






Base Oils: We only use certified organic olive and sesame oils from a company who imports worldwide. Please see the Lab Reports section for full disclosure on the quality of these oils.







Infused Oils: We ecologically ethically grow, gather, or selectively purchase the herbs and then steep them in certified organic extra virgin olive oil to extract many of the medicinal chemical constituents.







Tinctures: We make our own herbal tinctures for external use using eco-ethical, certified organic or ethically wild-harvested herbs extracted in certified organic USP alcohol, distilled water and certified organic vegetable glycerin.




Essential Oils: Many websites will claim that their essential oils are “therapeutic grade;” however, The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy does not allow any of its members to use that term because it has no official definition!

Here at CBD Herbal Synergy, we use blends developed by Cathy Hope and sourced from reputable wholesale companies that do gas chromatography and other tests designed to find adulterants. The oils come from all over the world and are primarily derived from ecologically ethical (non-certified organic), certified organic and wild harvested plants. Equally important, the oils are checked to make sure they adhere to benchmarks for the chemical constituents that each essential oil should contain and their relative percentages, regardless of how they are grown.




Other ingredients:

Beeswax: Filtered but not otherwise processed from local-to-us sources.

l-Lysine: This amino acid comes from a company that tests for identity, potency, microbial contaminants, heavy metals (including mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead), 32 solvent residues and allergens.

Vitamin E: Non-GMO, natural, mixed tocopherols, sunflower oil, certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

Zinc Oxide: The USP grade means that the zinc oxide meets all of the requirements as contained in the USP monograph for zinc, and is manufactured in a CGMP compliant facility.